About Hugo Jacquet (and this site)

I’m a jazz- fusion guitar player, composer and teacher from Belgium. As a youngster I was mesmerized by the playing and sound of Jeff Beck, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) etc…

In the beginning I was especially attracted by the sound of the Stratocaster as you can hear on Jeff Beck’s Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (originally by Charles Mingus).

Later on I became totally jazzyfied by attending a jazz summer camp. Attending that camp made me realize I was really not that good at playing the guitar. This made take formal lessons at the “Jazz Studio” (Antwerp) which I attended for three years.

After the Jazz Studio I studied at the the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and obtained my master degree in Jazz Guitar.

I currently teach electric guitar at the Conservatory of the City of Mechelen (Belgium) and the Academy of Zaventem.

Too much playing caused an injury called “golfers elbow”. This has put severe limitations on my playing and performing during the last years.

I recovered mostly from this through stretching and exercising. In the near future i will post an article explaining and showing how I got rid of my golfers elbow. Golfers elbow is an inflammation of a tendon and is extremely difficult to cure and a complete recovery is not always possible.

How much I love to perform, I wasn’t always able to because of this injury. This made me concentrate on my teaching practice. This site is (will be) a reflection of the material I wrote during my years of guitar teaching.

Have a happy stay @  hugojacquetguitar.com!

Hugo Jacquet