Free jazz guitar chords ebook: progress report

Working hard at finishing the free Jazz Guitar Chords Ebook. I really hope to finish the book before the end of August. Not in the least because in september it is the start of a new school year, leaving me with less free time (I teach jazz guitar full time).

Luckily I can use everything I write for my day to day “work” too (you didn’t think that’s a coincidence do you :-).

Writing the musical and theoretical examples in Sibelius 7 at the moment and copy/pasting them into my document. I am using a trial version of Scrivener to write the ebook. Scrivener can be daunting in the beginning and I will have to follow a few more tutorials to really use it well.

Once I finished the book, I will start shooting the accompanying videos. I really do hope to get everything ready in time, but apart from the video shooting (I have no clue as to how long shooting the videos will take) I think I am on track.

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Free ebook Jazz Guitar chords Scrivener screenshot